L Subramanyan (Subu)

L Subramanyan (Subu)


L Subramanyan (Subu) is Advisor to the Bizvone Management. Subu has extensive experience in B2B markets, having created India’s first B2B marketplace www.ipfonline.com, way back in 1999-2000.

Subu has been a Technology Journalist in the past, as Chief Editor of Dataquest group of publications, and subsequently, Publishing Director and CEO of Jasubhai Digital Media. Subu is also a pioneer in the area of Content Marketing in India, having founded Trivone Digital Services, one of the reputed Content Marketing agencies, which has been funded by Accel Partners.

At Bizvone, Subu will guide the company’s strategies related to Content enablement of MSME players, Content marketing strategies and creation of products and pricing.

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